Mark "The Bird" Fidrych

You were one of a kind, Bird.

Rest in Peace.

I coached opposite his dad when my first son went through little league. I didn’t ever get to meet him but my best wishes and hopes for peace to his family…good hearted baseball folk.

For those who’ve never seen The Bird pitch (or those who just want to remember):

Never heard of him.

Looks like a good fastball though.

I remember going to see him as a young child when he was a player with the Evansville Triplets. That was a long, long time ago. or at least it seems that way.

Godspeed Mark

[quote=“OffSet”]Never heard of him.

Looks like a good fastball though.[/quote]

well if you havent seen any clips of him before, he was a pretty hilarious guy. he used to yell at the ball, get on the ground and fix the holes in the mound with his hands, and he even emptied clay from his shoes in the middle of the ground. hope he rests in peace

[quote=“OffSet”]Never heard of him.

Looks like a good fastball though.[/quote]

I think that videos a little sped up, I’m pretty sure he didn’t throw close to 100 like it looks like in the video. He had great movement and command though, and was just a funny guy.

My dad told me stories about seeing the Bird pitch and how Tigers Stadium would sell out when he pitched even though we weren’t that good of a team. He was a loved player here in Detroit. :angel:

The video was not altered except to edit out some of the down-time between pitches and ABs so that it would easily fit into YouTube.

I didn’t alter the video speed in any way.