Mark Priors Mechanics

I’ve heard alot of controversy over Mark prior’s mechanics. Buster Olney of ESPN reported that National League executives as well as scouts thought Prior had a very smooth efficient motion - implying Prior had ‘bad luck’.

Here is a slow-mo vid of his mechanics…

Pitching “gurus” such as O’leary, however, disagree…

What do you all think?

I think Chris O’Leary is a self-appointed “guru” and he is an unfortunate side-product of the internet who has far more experience in marketing himself than any credible experience with baseball pitching. O’Leary honed his internet chops as a Mike Marshall follower for several years, then he decided to re-invent himself on the internet as a stand-alone guru. What a joke.

My son and I were just down at USC for their Winter prospect camp. Who do you suppose was working with pitching coach Tom House and trainer Jackson Crowther down there in the Mark Prior Bullpen at Dedeaux Field? Prior looked awesome–that dude is a physical specimen and he was throwing hard again.

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And we get no narrative other than this!!! :shock:
Wet noodle for La. :eek: Come on dude! Give…I want to hear about it…your boy and that vid I just know you had to sneak of Prior how did it ALL go…no holding out!!! You know we were going to need a fix…can’t believe you’re holding out on your buds… :dismay: :nono:

Ok, now, go easy on me, jd…I didn’t take any video of MP’s bullpen session because I was concerned that it might be intrusive. I know that sounds a little old-fashioned, but as you know, I’m an old guy with many old-fashioned ideas. There were dozens of HS prospect campers and their families gathered 'round the bullpen area watching and I just joined the crowd and also enjoyed watching the session.

He threw some 30 ft. routines into a net with a football and with 4 oz/5 oz/6 oz baseballs then he went back to regulation distance with 5 oz baseballs and threw maybe 30 - 40 pitches to a catcher.

The USC coaching staff was gunning and recording all of this stuff, but I would have had to peer over their shoulders to see the numbers on the gun (which I also didn’t do).

He looked in great shape and he was throwing strike after strike at very fast velocities. The bullpen that I saw was all FBs.

That’s it…that’s everything I know.

And that sidewinding boy of yours??? How was his camp???
Did he get a cookie from Uncle Tom?
Have you dropped the vid to your channel yet?

Sorry to interrupt LA’s and JD’s conversation but I have to get my opinion out there. I think it’s hilarious when someone tries to criticize Tom House when you consider how many great pitchers he’s worked with and how many endorse his methods. All you have to say to me is Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson.

I don’t mean to be rude to O’Leary but the best thing his site did for me was lead me to Lets Talk Pitching. I respect anyone who tries to help young pitchers but making the claims that he does without any scientific evidence and excluding many important facts about Priors injuries is just flat out ignorant. His information has very little merit in my opinion.

I’m glad to here Mark Prior is throwing again maybe he’ll make a come back.

Well, thanks for asking about the kiddo, jd…that was a very interesting roller-coaster of a camp.

We decided to do a road-trip, just him and me making the 300 mi drive down the day after Christmas. (With 5 hours of non-stop 3 Stooges jokes, assorted impolite baseball stories, and closed-vehicle farting in store for the trip, I can’t understand why Mrs. laflippin didn’t want to make the trip… :oops: ).

There were a lot of guys there, 8 full scrimmage teams in all, so, over the 4 days of the camp each pitcher got one or two innings in three different scrimmages.

Flip, Jr., did okay in his first two appearances but he wasn’t entirely happy with them either–call it a mixed performance. Anyway, his scrimmage team went 1-1 and ended up playing their final game on the final day of camp in the losers bracket at an alternate field in Compton. So…the game starts up and the team coach decides to use Flip, Jr as the closer so he’s sitting and sitting and sitting and then it starts to drizzle. And then it starts to rain, and then the game is called without the kid getting a final chance to make an appearance.

We were wet and cold and several private F-words might have been uttered on our way back to the bus, but okay…this stuff happens, and no one can control the weather.

I drove back to USC and the kid went back on the team bus. I arrived first and settled down to watch the end of the championship game between the 2 unbeaten scrimmage teams at Dedeaux, where it was not raining.

So, given that he had been in a fairly sour mood last time I had seen him, I was surprised to see the boy grinning ear-to-ear as he dashed off the bus at USC and headed for the bullpen. Turns out his team coach (Coach JK from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo–thanks, Coach!) had phoned ahead, and got the okay to get Flip, Jr an inning of work in the championship game! Man, that was nice–he didn’t have to do that!

So, the boy went into the top of the 7th, game tied, and got a FO to LF on his first pitch. Second batter hit a ground ball to 3rd base but an E3 put him on 1st. Third batter hit a single to shallow RF, also moving the runner to 3B, so now the kid’s got some pressure to deal with. During the 4th AB the 1st base runner takes 2B on defensive indifference but Flip, Jr. prevails with a SO. Two out, runners at 2nd and 3rd, tie game…the 5th batter dribbles a little comebacker to the mound and Flip, Jr. gets it done, 1-3. Sorry, other than that I just don’t remember any details… :lol:

Then, the boy’s newly adopted team pushed a run across to win it in the bottom of the 7th. WP: Flip, Jr. (many fist-pumps and a loud YES!!!).

The road-trip back was almost unbearable…every pitch was discussed endlessly, the 3 Stooges joke-fest resumed at full strength, and all of the anti-social car-farting and bold-faced lies about who was responsible for these outrages also recommenced.

I am so jealous… 8)

Sounds like a fun weekend. I am ready for winter to go away so we can start playing some ball here in Illinois.

6-8 inches of snow with 40mph winds on the way tonight!

Yeah, in Pittsburgh we are supposed to get blizzard-type snow tonight.