Mark Prior and his injuries

I put this on the Injuries Forum…but for those who don’t go there…


Like you, I have always found Mark Prior’s outstanding accomplishments in baseball to be compelling and highly notable.

His serious injury history is very troubling, of course, and the results of his injuries were devastating…especially for him personally, I’m quite sure.

Beyond that, it is extremely frustrating to plumb the depths of naive (or sometimes worse: con-like) opportunism that such cases seem to create for some people on the internet. I personally believe that if the medical people, trainers, and biomechanics experts who were/are close to Mark Prior were able to provide reasonably informed explanations that would help others rationally avoid MP’s career-ending history of problems…they would provide it.

But, Monday-morning quarterbacks abound on the internet and they will have their say, no matter what…

La it’s why I crusade about this. It is the quintessential internet myth. It has given people validity with no substance and though I don’t as a rule begrudge a person trying to “get somewhere”, lying about a guy who by all reports is a decent, well meaning fellow, who worked hard and reached a pinnacle that very few will ever reach…it’s just wrong. Then to hang the “worst mechanics” tag on him blows my mind. How unfair, the guy had what I would consider the worst luck maybe (Though he’s a multi-millionaire…so I don’t feel that sorry for him)…but his mechanics didn’t crash into Giles…his shoulder did.
Well I consider this “Myth-busted” and the next poster will simply get the link to the thread instead of my wasting so much breath :wink: