Marcus stroman

My new pitching idol is marcus stroman, a young RHP for the blue jays minor league system. If you haven’t already seen him pitch, check him out on YouTube. He’s a good role model since I’m a 5’10 RHP too. :slight_smile:

Love his mechanics, intent, and how he pitches. Has great stuff too.

Gotta ignore the positive test for PEDs, though. Kind of a bummer.

Lol Deja Vu me and Kyle had this conversation about Stroman a while back. Damn good pitcher though.

FWIW, the positive test was for Methylhexaneamine, to put it in context:

While disappointing, it does seem like it at least possibly could have been an honest mistake (since it’s pretty regularly in over the counter nutritional supplements)…and just wanted to make clear that it wasn’t HGH or steroids.

Great role model, let me guess your favorite hitter is Barry Bonds. Anyone who cheats the game doesn’t deserve a fan’s time of day.

I beg to differ, he deserves a lot of fan attention. At 5’9 to do what he does deserves some observational eyes. He is a good guy too, made some mistakes but I don’t think there will be any more coming from him.

“Great role model, let me guess your favorite hitter is Barry Bonds. Anyone who cheats the game doesn’t deserve a fan’s time of day.”


Let someone tell you they wouldn’t take a hitting lesson from Bonds or Mark McGuire because they took performance enhancers, then slap them because they are lying.

MLBs policy regarding PEDs is about the silliest thing ever. Its a flawed and inconsistant policy that can have a guy suspended for 50 or more games for something as harmless as what Stroman got popped for. About as strong as a cup of coffee. MLB has no issue with having guys popping pills for pain, or getting shots to mask pain…how is this any different than a player taking something to help with recovery or, as in this case, getting something over the counter. Stroman is guilty of being foolish and thats about it. Foolish enough to not be paranoid about what might show up on a test.
How is someone getting laser surgery on their eyes, using Tiger Woods for example, so that his vision is corrected to better than 20/20 not done to enhance performance? This is about as logical as someone considering weed a drug and a synthetic opiate medicine. No common sense being employed here.
Folks that maintain a pollyannish view of baseball as being some vestible of societial purity are fools…not because baseball has changed, because it hasnt, but because it has always been a cold business. Just like any other. In an ideal world we wouldnt have to read about this stuff. It is reality and it is here to stay. I just wish MLB had a policy that distinguished cold medicine from someone jabbing a needle in their arm.
I also wish they had the stones to release the information they have with the next wave of stuff coming soon. Can you really suspend someone (and cost the money) for being “associated” with someone? What does that mean?