Manny trade

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Feel bad for LA. Never hated Manny but the way he’s been acting lately hasn’t made him look too good. Like the poster on EPSN today about him being sent to GreenBay for Farve or something stupid. He could help a lineup but the way he acts could hurt a team too. I think he’ll be ok for for LA if he has a different attitude. I think he was just fed up with Boston the way he was running down the line when he got thrown out on Lakeys almost no hitter. But who knows he could turn his attitude around in LA.

I think Boston managed to steal the present and seal the future with this trade. There’s no doubt Manny is one of the best right handed hitters of this generation, but he is also one of the sloppiest and least attractive (in a baseball sense) players in the game today. Both his personal appearance and his attitude are slovenly, and I prefer to watch adults act like adults regardless of whether they play a game for a living or not (perhaps more because they play).

My personal tirade aside, I like Jason Bay as a ball player, he’s better defensively, younger, and has a big bat (which will get more protection with Big Pappi hitting behind him). Joe Torre has his work cut out for him.


Ramirez is one of the reasons (just one) why people pay to see a ball game. He’s a character, a sports writer’s dream come true, topics galore to yak about on the ride to and from work, etc. He’s also a smart businessman … very smart.

And on that last remark … baseball at the Major League is just that … a business. like it or not. It’s also a controlled business where controlling the entertainment value and aspects of its performers (players and coaches) is a finely tuned “stage front” script regardless of how haphazard it may seem from the outside looking in.

As long as Ramirez had this entertainment value to the franchise - he was a keeper. Unfortunately for Ramirez he started to think out of the confines of the script on how and when to act “Ramirez” … and he talked and walked himself right out the BACK door. And even when his production slip’d … he was a ticket seller and franchise head-liner on the marquee. And in pro ball … one of the many reasons why its called the
SHOW … is because it’s just that… to a large extent… a SHOW. And sure… winning and professional ball expertise is THERE… and that’s a give… but without the entertainment value of the Ramirez’s and the contrast demeanor of his counterparts, baseball would be just another channel on the tube, or a toss up between going for a game or a late night show at the Bijou.

And for the baseball elites with their finely tuned analysis of focusing on the details of every action which must land smack dab on an intersection of longitude and latitude, the game was never designed to fit that course of navigation. Baseball is a human endeavor … and all the strengths and weakness that goes with it. It has heroes, villains, joys, tragedies, unbelievable acts of stupidity and cruelty… but yet at the same time
tremendous persuasions in the other direction. I personally like the Ramirez’s of this game of ours… his nonconformist antics at times … and “ what will he do next”. You’ll never see that in a box score … but then baseball isn’t just about the box scores.

Coach B.

[quote=“Coach Baker”]Ramirez is one of the reasons (just one) why people pay to see a ball game. He’s a character, a sports writer’s dream come true, topics galore to yak about on the ride to and from work, etc. He’s also a smart businessman … very smart.
Coach B.[/quote]

There are and have been plenty of characters in the game that I would pay to see. Manny isn’t one of them. I watched the Bosox not because of him, but in spite of him. Of course, it was cool when he jumped the fence to hi five a fan, but it was torture to see him jog down first base or let a fly ball land 2 feet in front of him, and then to throw it back underhand to the infield when there may have been a play at second.

Manny is a showman, true; Manny is also all about Manny. He may be one of your favs, coach, but not one of mine. But that’s another beautiful thing about this game…we don’t have to agree. We can still sit next to each other in the stands and enjoy the game.


I personally like the Ramirez’s of this game …

Ramirez as a character who adds a little touch of the unusual yes… Ramirez as a …person … not that much. He does have talent, not question… I do however question his is methods and temperment, and just to set the record straight I never gave statement to a fact that HE, as an individual is a favorite of mine … just the type. That’s why I posted …

And yes, that’s one of the beauties of our game… we can still sit next to each other in the bleachers and enjoy the game. Nice post Hose.

Coach B.

Manny is one amazing hitter HOFer no doubt. Hes a showman who likes to act and all that and i personally like it. It brings fear to me that hes goin to LA (bein a giants fan) but i think that an entertainer of his sort would fit well in LA. If you can get Joe Torre to do commercials then i think there will be no Problem for Manny

I am disgusted that he is wearing 99 :twisted: :evil:

Why? It might be silly but theres no reason to be disgusted by a jersey number lol. This is why I think that people hate Manny, when he does something thats legitimately funny, people write it off as stupidity, and when he makes a mistake, its because hes a lazy POS (Which he may be, thats besides the point)

And I think LA got an absolute steal in this deal. He has two months left to show the GM’s of baseball why he deserves his money at the end of the year, I have no doubt hes going to keep his mouth shut, produce at a futuer HOF rate, and if LA makes the playoffs it will be more because of him than anything else. Don’t fool yourself, everyone in the NL West is scared out of their minds at the prospect of Manny’s bat.

Yeah LA got a steal but I don’t think the Sox lost much. They have a good team already and his skill level didn’t make up for the distraction he was. I think the RedSox did what they had to do. They’ll have a good team anyways.