Managament Questions/Rant

Alright a lot of this is sort of rage invoked and I figured it would be better to get my anger out here rather than blowing up on my not so bright coaches.

So I’ll start by discussing the pitchin situation. Today we were playing in the championship game of the wood bat tournament we hosted. Our pitching had gotten pretty thin. The guy we had pitch this game was really the last guy we had left, it was pretty apparent that he didn’t have his best stuff from the get go and he was getting hammered, and instead of going to relief right away and trying to piece together a game from the guys who could still pitch they leave him in and allow another 5 runs to cross the plate (earned by the way) before finally tossing a reliever in there.

The kid they had go out there is probably our best but he had thrown a complete game the night before and was obviously in pain the whole time and he allowed 4 runs in his time on the mound. Here’s the issue I have with that. There were two other people who’s arms were fine, I threw a CG but had a days rest and we had someone who pitched yesterday but only went a few innings. Neither of us had allowe any earned runs when we pitched.

So here’s my question, which pitcher do you think should have gone out there? Or do you think someone who doesn’t normally pitch should have been out there?

Second thing, this one is not pitching related. These coaches have an obsession with running speed. A few of my teammates get pissed about this too. This game in the 6th inning I lead off the inning with a double, then they pinch run for me (I’m not very quick) but the person they put in is a 16 year old first year guy who isn’t very intelligent (he’s 16 and just finished 8th grade). He proceeded to get picked off at 3rd after he advanced on a base hit. The move made no sense as we were putting an average speed and less intelligent runner in for a below average but very smart baserunner and we were down 3, 1 run doesn’t help.

So we give up an out and the run doesn’t score when it would have with me running (another hit followed). This isn’t the first time our coaching staff has done something like that I’ve been pulled for a runner in the 3rd inning before just to get the other guy caught stealing, and it’s even cost us a conerence game because my replacement who never plays 1st made 3 errors in an inning and gave up our lead.

I guess my question is would you do the same as them or leave the slower runner who’s smarter and has the better bat and glove in?

Sorry for the rampage, I’m just angry because I feel like our coaches cost us a tournament championship. These guys also send runners when we’re down several runs or bunt with a runner on 2nd and 1 out all the time (makes no sense, you still need a hit to score, unless the catcher is really that bad, but it’s not really worth the out to pray for a wild pitch or passe ball). Just makes me mad.

you cant do much about that. youve got to live with it. do not question there abilities in front of them as this could just get them even more pissed off and might cost you some innings. instead, wait for the end of season and go to some higher people to question if they really should keep these guys in there for next year.

I guess I wasn’t very clear, I’m not going after them in person, that’s why I’m putting this on here.

I’m more or less just checking to make sure I’m not the only one who thinks decisions like that are stupid or whether my rage was what was making me think that way. Can’t really go any higher, the legion post doesn’t care who’s doing it quite honestly, besides I’ll be done next year anyways.