Man.....That Really Bugs Me!

As a catcher … what really bugs you about the plate umpire? Here are some of the complaints that I’ve heard:

1.) The guy’s got to yell … STRIKE !!!.. right in my ear every darn time!!!
2.) I hate it when the plate umpire puts his hand right on my back just before the pitch.
3.) The plate umpire is trying to call a game all by himself - can’t see diddly beyond home plate.
4.) Blind as a bat!!
5.) The plate ump won’t stop talking … he goes on and on, and on, and on!
6.) Geesh, this guys got bad breath!
7.) Every time I go to stand up for anything …my helmet knocks the plate ump in the chin.
8.) The plate ump shows up and his uniform just got plucked out of his car’s trunk – a wrinkled mess and smells terrible!
9.) The man’s always forgetting what the count is.
10.) Blind as a bat … again!!!
11.) Very unprepared.
12.) The throat guard on the ump keeps clanking against my helmet.
13.) One guy keeps forgetting his clicker, parts of his equipment and has to wait for his partner to arrive so he can borrow his.
14.) There not worth a penny … much less the Jefferson’s that their stuffing in their pocket.

Then there’s my favorite …
I’d never be an umpire, and take all that **** !

Coach B.

There is this guy who umps my league, Eric. His strike zone almost extends into the outer line of the batter’s box opposite from you.

Whats the ump erics last name, do you know. Or what place does he ump in, what town. I also know someone whos name is eric and upms my league.


Do you live in pittsburgh?


I hate it when these happen

4 and 10 annoy me.

Or when he tries to give me catching tips. LOL :lol: