Making the team

I am heading into my 8th grade year and was wondering what coaches really look at during tryouts so I can work on those before tryout (9th grade)

At that age the first thing is just if you can play. I imagine your going to try to pitch so the first obvious thing is to throw strikes, next is your velocity and if you have any other pitches you can throw. If you can get people out at your age you should be fine.

Next would be attitude and if your willing to work hard. For example some schools are implimenting open gyms during the winter before tryouts, if your not playing a sport a good way to show the coaches is to make sure you show up on time at these events. Just work hard and have a positive atttitude.

i dont know if my schol does that but ill check

Make sure you come into tryouts in really good shape. Do you know anyone that is playing freshmen football? If so, you can talk with the coach and see if he will let you lift with the team. Otherwise, it is going to depend on your school and their weight room policy. Go ask.