Making the Freshmen team


Hi I am 13, 5’11, 170 pounds. I know I weigh a little too much because I am lifting weighz. I am going to a D2 school and I wonder if there’s any tips for making the team as pitcher and 3rd baseman. Also, is there any tips on long tossing. I throw around mid 60s.


You’re 13 and going to a D2 school?


I am assuming he is talking about the size of the high school he is going to. Where I live they rate them 4A to 1A but I have heard of districts using D4 to D1 based on school size.
You’re a young guy going into a school where there will be 18 year olds with beards at tryouts. Don’t be intimidated.
When it comes times for tryouts a couple of tips…
Be early. Give yourself plenty of time to stretch, get loose, long toss or whatever it is you do to get loose. Tons of times I have seen kids come walking up 2 minutes before tryouts start, put their spikes on and have zero warm up time. They are cold and stiff at first and that is on them.
Hustle in everything you do. If you misjudge a fly ball, don’t act angry and sulk to go pick the ball up, sprint to the ball and make a good throw back in. This shows the coaches you have some bounce back…a simple mistake doesn’t discourage you. Sprint on and off the field. Don’t show if you are getting frustrated.
Be prepared. Again, tons of times I have seen kids show up having forgotten something, cleats or something else. I have seen tons of kids having not thrown or taken hacks up until a couple of days before tryouts…it shows. You don’t have to be nuts about preparing, but, if you show up in good shape with an arm that is conditioned ect. that will help a bunch.
Take it as a learning experience. It is a different situation. You are a freshman so you probably will not make Varsity of JV. My sons school did not have a freshman team (despite having 2,300 students). He made JV as a Freshman (one of only 4 or so Freshman that made JV) as a pitcher mostly and pitched exactly 0 innings. He made Varsity as a Soph and was on the All-State team as a Junior. He took that bench time as a Freshman as a learning experience. It was a major step up from Babe Ruth league. It took him a year to get acclimated to the new expectations and level of play.