"making the circle"; arm action

I was in the bookstore over the weekend and I found this book called '“Best-Kept Secrets of Major League Pitching” by Larry Monroe who is apparently a former pro who coached in the White Sox organization.

In the book, he talked about arm action being comprised of “making a circle with the ball” after you break your hands…

But I was un-clear if he meant (a) the circle is made parlell to your back hip, as in tracing from the left field side of your hip to first base side …

or did he mean (b) the circle is more of a down and back and up motion running perpendicular to your back hip, meaning the circle is a swoop that traces back toward second base and up into a cocked position by your ear.

If “(a)” is what he meant, than he’s alluding to scap-loading, right?

substitute a short handle tennis racket for the ball; begin at the waist and pretend you were doing a jumping jack arm motion to get the racket to the top of the arc, then bring the racket toward your head and make a circle as if to hit an out front tennis ball . you would have had to make a circle… essentially, from start to completion you made a large half circle and a smaller full circle to hit the ball. it’s easier done than said!!

If I understand well (maybe I dont since English isnt my 1st language) that looks something like Verlanders arm action.