Making progress thanks to good advice

Thanks to all of you who responded to my question on start up tips. I’m throwing a lot now and conditioning my arm as much as time will allow. Aside from a high volume of throwing, I got some good tips from my dad who had to rehab from shoulder surgery. He’s not a pitcher though, he’s a carpenter, but his equipment and excersises have helped alot in a short time.
I’m working on an excersise in which I throw from 110ft. into a trash can that I’ve tilted up at a forty five degree incline. I can usually get about half of the balls I throw into the can but the most important thing is the amount of throws I’m attaining without having to stop. The tilt forces me to throw with an arch which, at that distance and with my skill level, is ideal for progress with limited strain. Also, I’ve got a catching partner now. He’s new to the position as he was the firstbaseman on the same team that I played third on. It’s cool because he made the commitment to help me out. We’ve already had offers to start a team from some players who were already playing on a city team.
Just wanted to say thanks to those who took time away from the guys who play at a much higher level than I do in order to help me along.

Awesome, keep working hard!