Making my off season program

Hi im making my own off season program. Agility, Running, Light Dumbbells, Tubing, Medicine Ball, Core, and Legs. What should i match up with each workout??? Any other workouts i should do???

What kind of equiptment do you have or have access to?

i have a jump rope. agility ladder. physioball. dumbbells. tubes. medicine ball. running parachute. hand grip.

Stretch – Full body stretching, pay extra attention to your throwing arm.
Arm - Shoulder cross chest, tricep arm overhead, shoulder down and back, and 50 arm circles forward and back.

Agility Ladder - Horizontal shuffle, vertical shuffle, carioca, high knees, straight forward two times each square, single foot hop in agility ladder.
Jump Rope- Speed, double jump, single leg, crossover, and straddle using a jump rope.

Medicine ball - Lunge, squat, and single-leg Romanian dead lift with medicine ball.

Sprints - Fifteen 25 feet sprints. Ten 50 feet sprints. Five 100 feet sprints (with running parachute).

Dumbbells - Post deltoids, anterior raises, full can raises, lateral raises, external/internal rotations, rows, wrist flexion/ extension, full mechanics with light weight dumbbells.
Tubing - Internal rotation, external rotation, lateral raises, full can raises, anterior raises, lateral pull downs, anterior pull downs, abduction w/ external rotation, abduction w/ internal rotation, and tricep extension, bicep curls, military press (facing the tube), and bench press (facing away from tube) using resistance tubes.
Medicine Ball - Russian twist, diagonal chops, figure 8’s, chops, circles, push up, chest pass, soccer throw, side throw, over the back throw with medicine ball.
Body - push ups, pull ups, and press ups.

Body - Crunches, knees to elbows, leg up toe touches, leg crunches, side crunches, leg scissors, side bridge and hold.

This is the workout i just made (Most from this website for the names of the exercies.) This is my home workout does not include what i do at the gym. Just a couple questions.

Is this is a good website to start?
Anything i can add or should take out?
How should i organize it, to make a workout day to day.