Making JV

My goal for this year is to make the JV team as a closer. I had a few questions though.

  1. Do JV team’s even look for relievers specifically? Or just pitchers in general?

  2. How hard should I be throwing to make this team and not get lit up during acctual games?

A good coach won’t be looking for just relievers, he’ll be looking for any kind of good pitching. -THEN-, when he has a fair share of pitchers, he’ll assign certain pitchers with certain jobs. So I’d say concentrate on showing him you’re a pitcher. Then when he’s seen you, maybe you can suggest for him to make you a reliever, if that’s what you want.

And you don’t need to throw hard to make the team and/or be successful. Just show good control, movement, speed changing, etc. and you’ll be successful. Velocity certainly will help, but make sure you show those other 3 as well, and you’ll definetely have sucess.

How big is your school?

Do you have a modified and a freshman program?

My school doesn’t even have modified just JV and Varsity. We are in need of pitchers so rarely will somebody get the job of a closer. For JV if you can pitch decent you’ll end up being a starting pitcher.

well i throw 78mph but I play for modified maybe Varsity.I’d say A normal person would throw about 64-65

Ok, first things first, thanks to everyone for helping me out, I really appreciate it. Now you also said JV teams take a bunch of pitchers, well how many specifically? 2-3 or 5-6? I need to work hard, but I’d also like to see how much competiton I have. Thanks again!


It depends on your definition of pitcher. How bigs your school? Do you have modified and a freshman team? Almost anyone can throw a ball 60 feet. Technically you could go on the mound and be considered a pitcher. You have to consider the amount of kids with pitching skill and those that are trying out.

It also depends on the coach. One coach might swap a lot of pitchers out, especially at the JV level just to see who can throw. Some might stick with the same ones. We had about 5-6 on JV.

Ok, I think we just have a JV team, no freshman, but if an average sized high school takes 5-6 guys, I should be ok if I keep working. 60 ft. seems like a long way though…