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i currently am a pitcher at a junior college, and i am the number 1 starter there. i’m 6’2" 200 lbs and i throw 83-85. i’m talking to a few schools about scholarships. i work really hard and im just wondering what i need to do. i want to do everything possible to get a scholarship can anyone help me out? i do core and flexibility everyday and long toss every other day after practice. im going to start running 15-20 minutes long distance with some short distance sprints too everday. does anyone know of stuff that i am missing or could add?

Sorry for the long response time. :oops: sometimes unless you hit the general it might take a minute…anyway…you have lots of things to do and consider…
What does your coach say? He likely is the best quickest way forward, go to him tell him of your desire, see what his take is on it. If he’s not positive, you’ve got to work beyond him…more of that in a minute. How are your grades, are you progressing towards a degree? I don’t think having a major is a key ingrediant, but having an academic plan is, if you can’t articulate it, then it needs your attention to square it up. D-1 means heavier class load etc. if you can’t demonstrate that you can do it you better be one fine 84 mph…speaking of…at your size you should be able to develop an mph here and there on just mech refinement I’d think…unless your a lefty… :wink: then you still should be able to…jk.
Your conditioning seems dedicated, are you working within the teams program or is this on your own? I’ll tell you from the folks I know, they expect conditioning, they don’t spend their valuable baseball time on it, you are either conditioned or you don’t play at their school. Have you spoken with any of the schools you’d like to attend? If you haven’t you have one of the reasons why you don’t have a scholarship…put yourself out there and compete! If your number 1 choice doesn’t have the room on the roster or pitching need or like your face…have a number 2 and so on…take nothing personal, if they don’t have room…they don’t…move on. Do you play on a summer team? If so where do you play and do they get scouted, if no then find another team. That sort of thing is what gets you beyond an unhelpful coach. If your current coach won’t help…1st I would like to know his reason why…it would not be typical…but if it’s the case, does your high school coach have contacts? Are you on good enough terms with him to get him to make a phone call or 2? If not that would be a flag…if neither one of those coaches wants to help you…you can bet you are the problem and you better do a self check as to why this would be the case…It will be THE reason you haven’t gotten a scholarship.
The most important thing I can say to you is have a plan, if you can involve your parents, then coaches, then paid trainers like a pitching coach whatever…make sure your information and presentation is in good order…and go claim it.
I sure would like to see you make it guy…we have a forum where you can start a personal log and track your progress…folks jump in and make comments and suggestions…it could be a big help to you.
Keep us all up to date!

Good post JD. One other area to look into, esp. if the ideas JD presented don’t work out, is a professional baseball representative. One of the big things going on in my area is to have someone with professional and college contacts start a baseball training facility, and as part of it, will do video tapes of you throwing and some personal stuff, then market it to everyone they know. In some cases that means hundreds of schools and coaches.

This approach works, but it costs you. I think it starts at $300 and goes up from there.

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