Making a Verbal Commitment

My son has been visiting schools and talking to coaches, evaluating programs, etc. and he has been asked to verbally commit. What are the pros and cons of doing so and just how much information should he provide to each individual coach on his intentions?

I have told him to answer each coach as honestly as possible but yet don’t let anyone push him into a commitment he’s not ready to stick to. There are two colleges left to visit on his list but he feels strongly in favor of one particular school. Early signing period is not until November 12.

Any advice…

Is the one he feels strongly about the one that wants the comittment?

If the answer to Jd’s question is no, then there is still some time to decide what he wants to do. If there is one that he feels very strong about then I would wait and see what they want to do with him. It’s still fairly early, and these schools should want him a month from now.


He is visiting and throwing for (call it) College B this weekend…then returning to College A the one asking for a verbal commitment next week. He also has an invitation to return to College C to talk specifics on the following week.

There is another college - call it D that is his second choice and has also made an offer.

If he gives a verbal commitment then in effect he rules out all other colleges and should tell them about the verbal commitment…correct?

My point is if that is the school of his desire and they are asking for the word…why not? You aren’t obligated until the package is signed…If something changes, it changes.