Makes me just want to cry for the guy

Stupid…freak injury…a man with this kind of class and dignity shouldn’t oughta have to go this way.

Saw that on the news this am. very sad. career ending

I read about what happened and saw the video. I think this is definitely career ending and it is a shame to see such a wonderful ball player go like that. Later on he got interviewed and if you watch it, he says that in the end, it was still worth it. I really hope that he heals quickly and there is a possibility of returning.

I’m willing to bet he comes back from it.

I think he’ll come back for the playoffs and then retires.

I don’t see it that way at all - He has had a brilliant career - IF this is the end, great.

It is WAY better than three mediocre years going from team to team.

Unfortunately jammers this was supposed to have been his last year, he was going out as the very best that ever laced em up…to end it this way is like he slipped in the shower…a very tough and unfortunate way, to end his career without every park he pitches at giving him their appreciation…Mo was never going to just burn out team to team…he does this more for his ministry than the money.

He never said this would be his last year. He only said that he would see how it goes.

Nothing against him at all. I have never expected a life-long Yankee that is still an all-star to sign one year contracts. I just know that many athletes seem to have difficulty deciding when to retire/quit/etc.

Edit: He has already said he will be back in 2013 and that he will not go out like this.

It is one thing to be a wonderful person when you have the world by the tail and quite another to remain that way after you’ve been dealt a crap hand. No matter what happens, he’ll handle it with class. He’s just one of those guys that allows us to glimpse what potential humans possess and rarely achieve.

On ESPN last night he was quoted saying he would not go down like this.

ACL and meniscus injuries can be devastating, so I doubt he’ll be back for the playoffs.

Maybe we will get Mariano for another season…that would be the best!!!