Make Your 2015 Resolutions Here


I resolve to be more active in the forums this year. I have set a goal of 10 posts per week minimum. If I do that, my 3 year average will be exactly one post per day by the end of 2015.

I will lose another 15 pounds. (I was able to keep weight off during the holidays, so I’m set up for success). I have remained off soda and beer, but I still eat out more often than I should. I blame it on the hectic schedule we keep around all the kids’ activities, but we just need to plan better and we could drastically reduce the occasionally real need to eat out.

I will help anyone who asks me for it–and many who don’t ask . :smiley:

I will read the rule book at least 5 times before I umpire my first game of the season. You would be surprised how it shuts up coaches when you can quote verbatim a rule that they don’t even understand. Also, I will invoke 9.01c as often as I can get away with on the uneducated coaches don’t own or have never read the rules. This is my favorite get-out-of-a-tough-situation ruling…“Coach, I understand your concern here, but I assure you that I made a proper ruling under 9.01c” :shock:

I’ll add to this as the year progresses.


This is post number 600 for me on this forum. This is a great milestone for me as it shows my dedication to pitching and the people on this site.

Thanks for all the support over my first score-and-five months here.

My goal is to make 525 meaningful posts between now and December 31st 2015.

By the end of 2015, if I hit my goal, my average will be 1 post for each day I’ve been a member here. I think that this is an attainable goal for anyone to reach of 1 post per day.

Who will take the ‘Post-per-day Challenge’ with me?