Make Me Throw Faster (Practice)

Heres My Question, i throw, and i throw non stop till i cant throw any more. i do this for bout 5 hours a day and i do this every day 7 day a week from 60 feet and i throw the ball as fast as i can.

Will All this Practice Improve my pitching speed?

What it definitely will do is make you very good at whatever it is that you’re practicing. So, if you’re practicing ineffective mechanics, you’ll get really good at those ineffective mechanics.

The other thing just about everybody here will tell you is that you’d better be careful of overuse injury risk.

no, i heal really fast. i can throw 500 fastballs or more till my arm is sore then ill just get a good night sleep and it feels like new again, no pain what so ever.

This will make you slower.
Max speed training = fewer reps at the highest possible intensity.
Throwing til you fatigue completely = endurance training.

A good pitcher will need both.

ok so your saying i got good endurance

I would say that you are training endurance beyond what is necessary at the expense of your velocity. If I am training to run as fast as possible for 100 meters, why would I train by running 5 miles? Same thing applies here. You want to be able to deliver up to 150 pitches (warmups factored in) with high velocity, why would you train by throwing 500? There is more than one facet to pitching and that is why you see guys training the various aspects involved (long toss, bullpens, weighted ball, strength training, sprinting, etc.)

You’d be better served by diversifying your training program.

i think when i throw my forkball i kind of get the feeling i can’t throw hard because i throw as hard as i can and it just seems to never really take off but when i throw 4-seamer it just flys

what does this have to do with this thread? and the forkball has no spin, so it slows down.

what does this have to do with this thread? and the forkball has no spin, so it slows down.[/quote]

Don’t worry, according to him his forkball also knuckles and curves.

i threw till it was dark just about every day during highschool and i have 2 state championships to show for it and a bunch of strikeouts.
i think its great that you throw as much as you do. but you have to be smart at the same time, i wouldnt throw curves like that, just fastballs and working on mechanics and hitting your spots, inside and out
what will all this do? you will throw harder than if you didnt throw like this,
now here is one thing to consider, if your throwing and you get tired its ok to keep throwing alittle, but what happens is your elbow will drop putting stress on other parts of the arm and shoulder, this is where you get hurt,
throwing is great but you can overdue anything,
so just throw your fastball like your doing. i myself built a mound in my back yard and wore my parents craw space door out.
it will pay off just pitch with some sense and youll be fine,