Major league radar guns

i’m going to be going to a detroit tigers game in a few days, and i know they have a radar gun there. like the ones when you pay a dollar and get to throw 5 pitches or something. i was just wondering if anyone knew if they are accurate. I’ve only been clocked once, and that was four years ago, so i’d like to try it again.

According to my coaches, they usually run like 2-4 mph faster than a stalker gun… Unless they are using a stalker gun.

Are you talking about those games where you pay a dollar to throw 5 pitches or actually throwing to the detroit tigers radar gun i think the first one but those guns can be very off sometimes however may not be the same at an amusement park one year it had me low 60’s when i knew for a fact i was hitting high 70’s it will probally be more accurate then that considering its at the tigers park. But never know for sure.

yeah i am talking about the ones in back of the stands, where you pay a dollar for five pitches.