Major league arm mechanics

if you watch some of the videos on you will notice that when the pros throw thier arm bends back to an almost 180degree angle. when i pitch i cannot get my arm back that far. any pointers on how to do it and what stretches i should do?

You don’t want to do that let the body do what ever it needs to do.

Their extension is a result of conditioning. It’s also a result of the forward directed motion and shoulder rotational torque that causes that extension. The arm sort of ‘drags’ behind and follows all the other rotation, hence the speed of the pitch… Does that make sense?



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Many pitchers take the throwing arm back more than 180 degree from the target. Some of that movement comes from the arm moving in the shoulder socket (i.e. humeral abduction). Some comes from moving the scapula back (i.e. scap loading). Some comes from reverse rotation of the shoulders. So, if you’re not getting the arm back to 180 degrees, you should assess each of these areas.

I can’t get my arm back 180 degrees either. It bums me out because I definitely feel that if I was able to, my velocity would go up quite a bit.

I’m certainly not qualified to say this, but I think that it’s because I haven’t been playing baseball all my life (only have 3 years under my belt), let alone throwing.
I think that that kind of shoulder flexibility ultimately comes with time.

Opinions? Can proper mechanics really immediately help a pitcher get their throwing arm back 180 degrees?

some great pitchers never got there forearm so far back steve rogers or even vida blue for instence

Me too! every time i do that my pitches are always high. Thats wy i throw it more like football. If you don’t get me watch Lefty 13 year old clip. I throw like him but i’m right handed.