Major Consistenty Issues


I am currently 12My top speed for my fastball is 63.
That’s not the problem, it’s my consistently.

I seem to change my arm slot or windup because I’m trying to see what fits. Right now I am modeling Clayton Kershaw winup, from the stretch as well. It has improved my overall velocity and feels great, but I still have major issues with consistency.
Part of me is afraid to hit the batter and the other part says whatever. I try and pitch it and it goes way outside, really high or really low, or nails the batter or goes behind him. (I know, it’s bad) I need some help because I’m in dire need of some pointers. I can provide video if needed.


it’s hard to tell what’s happening without a look at it.


I will link a video. I have no mound sorry.


At 14 you should be throwing in the low 70’s


I am fairly new. Top speed was 63 before I changed windup and stuff. I’ve hit 70 on average. Accuracy is the thing.