Maintaining weight

This off season I once weighed 188 lbs. Now that I’m in season I’m down to 178. What is the typical weight loss out of season vs in season?

this has happened to me alot of times dude.

i bodybuilded and strength trained during the offseason was at 190lbs and now during the season i am at 180lbs only.

So ya typically u lose some weight.

This has happened to me three years in a row.

Just have to eat more food.

funny how most people on here are concern about loosing weight, while i am at 220 and concerned about gaining weight. i would say thats quite a lot unless you werent very active.

^^^^ dude what are you talking about

We want to gain weight as well.

We are mad,because we lost our weight during the season.

[quote=“BarryBonds999”]^^^^ dude what are you talking about

We want to gain weight as well.

We are mad,because we lost our weight during the season.[/quote] no, i am concerned because in the off season i gain weight while you guys for some weird reasons, when you are less active you lose weight.

I lost over 10lbs my senior season over high school. After gaining 20+ lbs this fall I managed (am managing) to keep ALL of it throughout the longer collegiate spring and summer season (~100 games in total). The key is to lift at least 2-3 times a week hard, and continue eating a ton. You wont get bigger, but you shouldnt lose weight either

believe it or not, you can get bigger, just the reason why i never, was because i screwed up calculating my calorie intake.

There is no point, in lifting in the season, because its hard to get bigger, while your muscles are getting stressed 3-4 times a week

Your muscles need at least 1 week of recovery.

If you hit your back on monday, and then play baseball tues, wed,thurs.
Your muscles aren’t recovering at all, thus this is why you don’t get bigger

If you want to get bigger you have to eat more calories, period,
has nothing to do with being inseason or offseason

Also in the offseason we gain weight, because our muscles aren’t being stressed at all

I know i gained nearly 25lbs of muscle, because all i did was weight lifting.

The minute i start throwing a ball 88mph, my arm is sore, and its hard to bench, military press, and do any thing that requires my shoulders, triceps, or chest.

Thus making it hard to gain weight

For me anyways

We usually have in-season athletes lifting twice per week for very low volume, depending on their training status. Guys like me, BarryBonds999, and LankyLefty would be squatting/deadlifting once per week for 2 sets of 3 or something like that at 85-90% of 1RM just to maintain strength.

We omit heavy back/chest/arm work for the same reasons BarryBonds999 pointed out. Lots of mobility stuff and some heavy-ish unilateral work, but no heavy bench/weighted chins or anything.

Weight has been an issue for me this summer as well. Playing a ridiculous amount of games in a short period of time, following a weight training regimen that is rigorous (lifting 3 days a week, sprints 2 days a week, on top of extra running after pitching), not to mention that I have a less than stellar diet during the summer, since I cannot afford the amount of food I eat at college. All in all, I have lost 18 lbs thus far since I left in May. Somehow though, I have not lost strength, or velocity for that matter. How that happens when I was only at 7.2% body fat I don’t know, but I will tell you that I plan on gaining 30 lbs each semester only to lose again next summer, sort of like weight that I plan to lose.