Main pitch?

Ok My dad likes how i throw my splitter and says i should use it as a main pitch. (like throwing it alot of the time)

I was thinking of throwing the splitter like 65-70% of the time what do you guys think of this idea? and the idea that the splitter is dangerous for ue elbow is kind a myth. its only dangerous if u throw it wrong.

Every thing relies on the Fastball. Don’t care how hard you throw. fast or slow it needs to be established at every level. If your splitter is that good then make it your out pitch when your up in count or with two strikes.

I don’t like having the idea for advancing to higher levels in baseball.

I would think it would be really hard for a scout to give a recommendation, or a college coach to put recruiting money into a pitcher that doesn’t use a fastball as their main pitch.

Now, I’m curious if you have an effective splitter how is your two-seamer.
Generally the two seamer is harder than the splitter and is more commonly used as a main pitch.

A big thing is that a hanging splitter is a bp fastball asking to get crushed.
Often a pitcher can and will get away with a mistake fastball because of velocity and movement.

It’s essentially why scouts like 100mph a lot more than 90mph, you can make a lot more mistakes when your punching 3 digits than you can at 90, let alone 85mph.

my 2-seam is actually pretty good. I don’t throw a 4-seam it just feels weird. but one thing i can never understand with my 2-seam is that sometimes it has fantastic siking,side to side movement. and sometimes it doesnt…i dunno why.And my splitter can be pretty sharp. I mean obviously i leave some hanging but alot of the time its sharp.