Magnassager for pitching

The magnassager this thing might be something that pitchers can use with Ice to reduce Inflammation in the shoulder and elbow. It increases flexibility of the soft tissue. It was deep tissue massage a very important thing for pitchers elbows and shoulders. It has been proven to help shoulder pain and increase the joint mobility.
It can 2 different massages on is a slow kneading massage the other is a fast massage.
When the magnassager goes over a tight muscle it tends the move and shakes to try to relax the muscle. And reduce the inflammation of the muscle.

I’m going to buy one because I think this thing is going to work. It uses magnetic field.
If I find it doesn’t work in 30 days I will return it. I have talked to someone that has had this magnassager and he said it works just the way they say it does. So this could be something for you guys to look into.

Things it says it can do

Alleviating fatigue, soreness and muscle spasms
Reduces Inflammation and Swelling
Increases blood flow
Increase flexibility of muscle tissue
Causes tight muscles to relax
Improves the healing process
Increase flexibility and recovery rate

That seems like a perfect thing for someone that throws.

Pros that use it are Kelly Holcomb, and a bunch of triathlon winners and bike riding pros.