Made The Team

Ok today i went to try out for the college that im going to, and the coach wanted to see me throw at least 30 pitches. After i throw them he told me that he wants me to be in the team and that i could help the team out. He told me that i could me a MRP or a Spot starter. He also said that he has to fix alot of things with my mechanics, but that there easy to fix.

Im going to lehman college in New York D3 college and the coach got signed with the white sox minor league system he was a pitcher and played 6 years with them.

Congrats thats awesome dude.

Congratulations! Be sure to post up once in a while and let us know how things go.

dont worry i will. We also are going to make a fundraiser because we might go to florida to participate in some tournament, but is not for sure. But thanks for the congrats :smiley: