Made mistake of pitching with a sore arm, now elbow hurts

hey all, this is my first post.

so a few days ago, i was put into the game to close.
the problem was, my arm was pretty sore already, but i hadnt done anything the day before to cause it, and i didnt say anything about it.
while i was pitching i had a terrible outing, and had really bad elbow pain.
after icing all weekend, it hurts more than ever now.

is there any way i can get rid of this pain fast? other than rest, because the season’s almost up.

also, what are some good tips for mechanics to reduce stress on my elbow?
im a lefty.

No way to get rid of the pain fast.

Mechanically, make sure you’re not opening up early by taking care of posture and glove.

and alright…i was wonderin just about any other thing other than ice and advil

Go see an orthopedic specialist and have him take a good look at that arm! By pitching with a sore arm you may have made matters worse than they were already. 8)

no pills. Icy hot doesnt work either. Just stay away from pills. Ive seen a kid on my team get addicted to them because he pitches a lot. He is up to 6 pills per game.

Where I’m at, people always joke about getting some vitamin I before they throw (It is what they call Ibuprofen). I cannot begin to imagine what this is doing to their bodies being constantly on it. If your arm hurts, you are doing something wrong.

where is the pain located ? hear anything pop or feel a pop ? you are definately opening up… lead with the front hip it will prevent you from opening up.