Is there anyway to be able to get movement like mad dog?

This is a vague question. I’ll try to explain what I’ve been working on so far. Basically, it’s how you grip the ball. If you watch Maddux, you’ll see that he doesn’t change his arm angle or approach much (or at all). He just basically reach back and let it fly. For him, its all about finger pressure. I’m still trying to figure out how he’s doing it. I have been able to get a little backdoor action on my pitch after some experimentation. What I do is hold the ball similar to a two seemer. What I do then is to have my fingers straddle the left seem, and move my fingers up on the ball a little bit around the “U” area. I’m a lefty, so if you’re a right handed pitcher, straddle the right seem rith your fingers. I try to throw this pitch the same way I throw a fast ball. Right now, it dips towards the left side a bit. I still have to get the kinks out, of course, but this grip seems to work.

What helps the most is to be able to throw your pitches exactly where you want it. I often practice holding a 4 seem fastball and work on how it feels when I release it. Once I’m comfortable, I work on that backdoor fastball, all with the same pitching motion and release.

Try it!

So ya, basically it’s how he’s holding the ball in his hand. A normal two seemer usually has movement as well. Try experimenting with the grips while releaseing it the way you release a 4 seemer. I don’t think I explained it well, so let me know ok?

Good Luck!