LW Pitching Analysis

A series of videos from rear, side, and front. Just received TuffCuff Jr program on Thursday and this is from Saturday’s session. Noticeable tweaks of improvement in just three days of drills - the fixed glove was an eye opener. From our own view, it looks like the head is falling off dramatically and need to focus on keeping above the belly button and embracing his “natural” arm slot. From our conversation and after he watched the video, he thinks he compensated for always being told to be on top of the ball…look forward to your thoughts.

That delivery is very slow and never develops any forward momentum and velocity until he tries to go fast with only his arm. The top video-- R1 would be able to walk to second base on a steal. Establish the body moving at the same tempo as the beginning of your arm acceleration. This will create a smooth, yet fast delivery.

Excellent callout! Really glad we submitted these because I didn’t even know to look at that. I did find a good article on LTP for the 13 steps and where it calls that out, so we’ll review together and keep working on it…no excuses! Thanks.

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Agree with Coach Paul that he needs to incorporate his body more and create momentum. There is very little being created with the lower half. I would definitely prescribe a lot of the Hershiser Drill. Good call on the head tilt. That will take a lot of repetition and added strength to correct.

The stance he uses in the stretch position (3rd video) is concerning. His feet are way too far apart causing him to be off balance and get nothing with his lower half. He is relying on all arm. The feet should be brought inside the shoulders. It almost looks like he is trying to use a slide step because there is no knee lift. I don’t like youth pitchers using a slide step. I would rather have them pitching with proper use of their entire body and develop strong pick off moves to control the running game (especially for a lefty). Attempting a pick off move with his wide stance would be really difficult.

Good luck. Sounds like you are doing your homework!

Thanks for the feedback. Over the past couple days, we’ve continued our TuffCuff Jr program and incorporated your feedback with Hershiser drill. Below is updated video from last night…