What would you guys suggest for like a brown bag lunch to bring to school? What do some of you guys still in high school do for lunch? (Centerfielder, Seff, RI) What about you kc?

The hardest things to get in a bag lunch are nromally the lean protein and veggies. Chicken breasts, cooked in bulk at the beginning of the week, can be tossed in the microwave in the morning. You can combine them with essentially anything - sandwiches, salads, etc. Tuna is another good one. Now that they have the pouch, you can buy those and toss a couple in your lunch for salads or sandwiches (or straight up).

Other ideas - deli sliced turkey or roast beef (doesn’t have all the nasty preservatives and tons of salt like most lunchmeats)

Obviously, veggies are a good source of carbs. I like spinach a lot, especially for salads, or instead of lettuce on sandwiches. A bag of carrots with a little bit of dipping sauce (you can also eat brocolli this way) is tasty. Fruit- go with whatever is in season.

Other stuff- you can get roasted unsalted almonds in screw-top cans. I keep some in my backpack in case I get hungry between classes. Good for you, plus they taste really good.

I probably forgot quite a bit, but hopefully that was helpful.

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I usually eat the school food. But recently Ive decided to bring my own food to get better nutrition. This week its turkey sandwhiches :coolshades: :jumping: :allgood:

Couple I forgot:
hard boiled eggs
Natty Peanut Butter
Whey Protein

Thanks a lot kc. That was a HUGE help…and sorry futurekaz!!! haha i really didn’t mean to…what do you bring?

My school is vegetarian… so either tofurkey or pasta.

if you’re trying to build lean muscle mass, no refined sugar, no starch (very little bread, potatoes and rice - only at noon meal if you must.)

my guy has been on this for 8 weeks and he says he’s feeling better.

to keep calories going if you’re thin, muscle milk you mix yourself with low fat milk has a ton of calories and little fat. 3 times per day will keep your lean calories up.

high performance cars use high performance fuel. so should your body.

but of course the between games double header in the old days was a mountain dew and a cigarette (with a snickers if you were pitching). ruth had a pitcher of beer and 10-12 hot dogs so go figure.

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PIZZA (not good idea though)

I’d been eating the school lunches up until recently. The regulations for meat in public schools are dreadful…so the meat that you get from your lunchroom has the potential of being far dirtier than any fast-food restaurant. The chance of this is actually very high, since we all know that the government wants to pay the least possible for our chicken breasts and beef. (Gogo Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser). This is all beside the point, though.

Now I’m bringing turkey sandwiches, sometimes the individual tuna packets that kc mentioned, a bag of carrots or celery, an apple or pear, and occasionally baked potato chips 8) . I usually buy milk and sometimes OJ from the lunch line though.

I like the idea of hardboiled eggs, might pack a few tomorrow.

What kind of bread do you use seff?

I eat…

Turkey or Salmon sandwich (the salmon that comes in the packets)
Baby carrots
Apple or mandarin orange

The bread I use on the sandwich is 100% Whole Wheat

Usually whole wheat, but sometimes white…

might try a low carb burrito fajita wrap. they are better for you.

is it true that you can actually gain more weight and muscle by drinking more water??

i heard it somewhere

Sort of.

Most of the “weight gain” is just going to be water weight. When you take a piss it goes away. If you were slightly dehydrated before you made the change to more water intake, then you would likely gain a little weight as your body gets more water that it needs. You also see this in “creatine bloat” as the muscles are able to take in more water. People can gain 10 pounds or so just from the extra water.

You are not getting muscle though. I suppose one could argue that more water intake could make the body function better, therefore providing an opportunity to get stronger and gain muscle. But even that is a stretch. It’s more of a necessity than a performance enhancer.