Luke Thomas

Bringing the cheese. Looks good man. The angle is a little tough because it’s so far away, but my only comment is try to firm up that glove hand so it doesn’t flail so far behind your body as you release the pitch.

Also, when fielding your position, ALWAYS throw over the top with your natural arm slot – none of that side arm stuff. Not only can you really hurt yourself (it’s not worth it), but you greatly increase the potential of throwing the ball away. Stay under control, set your feet and make a good overhand throw. If you don’t get the runner, you’ll get him on the double play next batter :slight_smile:

Yeah, looks good. Some nice traditional mechanics. You seem to throw with intensity. It’s nice to see some fire in the belly. Is there anything that you wish you did better? Is there anything you are working on that you need advice with?

Thank you for the comments.
Yes I would like to get more movement on my 2 seam. Also, can I post another video that is closer so you can see it better.

As far as movement goes, If you cut the ball in half between your middle finger and thumb then just let your index finger fall naturally on the ball it will give you a grip that allows for pronation and some decent sink. Just throw as normal two seamer either with or across the narrow seams. Try both ways to see which provides more desirable movement. I’ll wait for some close up video from either head on or from the 3b side.