Luke Klatke Pitching Analysis

Left-handed pitcher from Bard College. I tend to struggle with my release point, finishing out in front, and using my legs. Please let me know any tips, suggestions, and/or advice. Thank you

Hey Luke, This is what I see. Has anyone ever talked about your drag line? A pitcher’s drag line – or foot drag or toe drag – is the line his back foot creates in the dirt of the mound just before he releases the ball. Not all pitchers do this (some lift their base foot completely off the ground immediately upon striding), but most do. For pitching coaches, the drag lines are “tells” that indicate how balanced a pitcher is, whether he’s getting good leg drive (something you mentioned), and whether he’s getting proper hip rotation and separation of his top and lower halves. It’s also a pretty sound indicator of consistent mechanics and a repeatable delivery, which is something every pitcher aspires to have.

Work on early weight shift while getting gathered and loaded and build better momentum towards the catcher before hand break. That’s all it may be for you. If not, and not knowing your medical history or flexibility, you may have hip rotation mobility restrictions. If so, try to incorporate some drills into your training. Take a look at the link. It is from a well respected baseball guy showing hip mobility drills.

Here are some pics to help understand




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