Lucas Brandt Pitching Analysis

Hello Lucus

Just took a quick look at your video. There are a few really nice movements going on in your delivery. With that said, you are leaving velo on the table.

Here are some things I see that you can adjust and work on

  1. Starting Foot Position On The Rubber. A pitcher’s support foot should be positioned so that the mid foot and heel are up against the rubber. This allows the foot to push down and back so that the lower body can move more efficiently sideways. You position your heel off the edge of the rubber. This will not allow you to establish a good base of support with your entire back foot and causes you to use the ball of your foot too early thus causing early rotation. As you can see from the image, you open up way to early in your delivery

  2. Weight Shift. You should start to shift your hip away from the rubber by using ground force and “corkscrewing” your hip prior to hand break. What I teach is the support knee stays over the support foot while the hip moves out ahead of your support knee.

  3. Back Leg Position Before Hand Break. Your support knee should be in a bent position and should remain over the support foot by pushing down (ground force) and back (corkscrewing) as weight shift occurs.

These steps will not only help gain some vital velo, but will correct some of your early movement patterns.

LTP%20Lucas%20Brant Brian

Image is of my son. Tough angle but you can see how he uses his entire foot on the rubber which helps him generate ground force to help him move explosively down the mound. You can also see how he corkscrews his hip in leg lift which allows him to drive closed down the mound while his support knee stays over his support foot.

Hope this helps
Steve C

**** Found this video Suzuki posted that might help visually what I was explaining ****