Ltownindians07 Update:

I was a long time lurker and occasional poster on here from my freshman year of high school in 06 up until the end of 09. I just don’t find the time to visit the site much anymore.

I definitely want to thank all the guys on here that I always felt like I almost grew up with through high school. Two guys in particular I’d like to thank are KC86 and Centerfield2150. I’m not positive if these guys are still around the forums anymore, I know Centerfield has moved on to greener pastures playing college ball and KC I’m sure is somewhere in the world providing physiological insight and training recommendations. Centerfield had a great training log and training wise I’ve learned tons of the things I utilize in my own training from him. He introduced me to the likes of Joe Defranco and his training program, something I greatly appreciate.

My Personal Update:

My senior year of varsity high school ball was one to remember.

Pitching: 6-1 2.38 ERA 53.1 IP 60 K’s, 18 BB, 1.10 WHIP

Hitting: .402 3 HR 27 RBIS

throughout the season I was named my local tv station player of the week twice, and the area newspapers player of the week once. I finished the year being named all-region and my team’s mvp, and team captain throughout the year.

We finished with a school record 18 wins and won the District Championship which was the first baseball championship in school history.

I spent my first college semester at a small private university in CT on a golf scholarship. Unfortunately, that was not what I wanted come this fall but it was what I had to do because of my previously signed National Letter of Intent. I have since transferred to a community colllege where I will be continuing my baseball career with hopes of playing at a 4 year institution next season.

Thank you guys, this forum did more for me than most of you can imagine. And to KC and Centerfield if you guys are still around. Thanks and I hope all is well.

Most importantly guys, never stop playing baseball. Realizing your career may be over was like me cutting off my head. I couldn’t function.

Wow, you are back on here. First off kid, I never did get a chance to congratulate you on your high school season. This is a very small world we live in. I happened to be able to see you in person get to the district championship game…you won’t believe this but my son was the guy who nicked you to end the game and end our season…what a way to go out. I was very proud of all the kids that day and very proud of my guy as well. If you remember, he started the previous night, through warmups and in the game and it was rained out and then went all the way through the game the next day against you guys…he had nothing in the tank the last 3 innings but they rode him like a bull.

He ended up with a verbal from the pitching coach from Lafayette, but that really didn’t work financially, then he was looked at and offered by Shippensburg, who loved him because he threw 85 mph last winter before the hS season at one of their winter camps.

He ended up at a great school…and he’ll pitch as well. I was so worried about how his career/season ended but he battled right back in legion ball. He really wanted to help that team win a district title…but you guys were the better team…

good luck and it’s great you are going to do what you love

The last thing I’ll say is we also owe this site a great deal of credit, without the analysis from several posters of when my guy was in 9th grade, I could’t have picked up the great tips like momentum pitching which we incorporated and it helped so much. This site was a godsend and likely got him into the a great school.