Lower center back hurts after pitching

is this b/c I’m not following through correctly?

i wish i new because the same thing happens to me

i’m hoping it’s not just b/c i’m getting old (30) b/c i keep in good shape. I never used to get this pain before until the season started about a month ago.

My last game, on Saturday, all of a sudden in the middle of the second inning this nagging little stiff/tenderness feeling let itself be known in the middle of my lower back … I was able to keep pitching, but I still have some pain … it hurts most when I try to get inside my car, try to do that horzontal sliding duck thing into the driver seat.

I would like to know if there is a way to ease the pain in the middle back and keep pitching without risking serious injury. My son says if feels like his back is out, but he pitched well. Problem is he has lost a lot of velocity. He has been recruited for summer college ball and needs to know if he should stop playing now in this college league and try to heal up or keep pitching using more variety. I am sure he could take some IB Prophen, cut this would mask the pain and might cause him to hurt himself worse than ever.

Any ideas?

i read on another post here from a while ago that stretching the hamstrings actually helps … lie on you back and elevate your heels against a wall…i did this all week, trying to erradicate the incessant pain i had leftover from my last outing… it went away eventually… then i just made sure i stretched my hammies really well before my game yesterday, and my back didn’t act up much at all.