Lower Body workout

Here is my lower body work out and I was wondering if this is enough exercises and what other lifts I could do.

Day1- (reps x sets)
sqauts 3x5, 8x2
Lunges 12x3 or 8x3
leg press 8-12x3 or 8,6,4x2
leg ext (I know most people thinks it useless) 8-12x3
leg curls 8-12x3

Day 2- Upper body lifts

Day 3 -
Power clean 3x5 or 5x3
deadlift 3x3 or 5x3
straight leg deadlift 3x3
Squats 8-12x3 exploding towards the top

Is this enough and does anybody know anyother good lower body exercises. Also how many days rest does my lower body need I usually take one day off between lower body workouts

Well, there are better exercises out there, but your workout is adequete. Day one has around 14 total sets, which is good. You might want to switch the power lifts around a little. Have you ever tried to go hard on a set of powercleans after a set of heavy deadlifts (or vice versa)? Not fun.

And on the subject of rest, you want to leave 48 hours between lowerbody workouts. So monday, weds., friday would work. You can add more rest, but 48 hours in the minimum.

If you are going to do some olympic lifts, I would do them both days. They should always be done before other lifts like squats and deadlifts. Leg curls and leg extentions aren’t going to do much for you.


Can you elaborate on this comment? Are these just not valuable to pitchers? Are they simply ineffective exercises? Are they a waste of time when there are others that provide better/faster results?

Also, I believe leg curls work the hamstrings. Assuming this is correct, what other exercises (besides sprints) work the hamstrings?

straight leg deadlifts work the Hammys

It doesn’t make sense to isolate muscles like you do when you do leg curls and extensions. Your leg muscles need to work together like they do in baseball. Squats, lunges, deadlifts and exercises like these are the way to go. The only time I see much use for the curls and extensions is during a rehab type program.