Lower body help?


I recently went to a baseball factory event and the scout who watched me pitch told me my mechanics were mixed. He said my upper half was just about perfect, but my lower half needed work but left it at that. I included two videos showing my mechanics, 1 in regular speed, 1 slow mo. What am I doing wrong and how should I go about fixing it?


I think your lower body is very efficient and you get a good attack toward home plate.
Your upper body is not bad, however, your layback is a bit forward. Not bad, but not optimal.
Overall, it’s a very solid delivery.


Typical baseball.
Needs work with no explanation or direction.
It would be like going to cooking demonstration/class…the meat is good but sauce needs some work.
Nothing else.
Baseball is a joke.


It would be great to get a side view from the other side. Just from what I can see in the video everything looks pretty solid with pretty good timing. The biggest things I see is it doesn’t seem like your loading your back leg very well, so while you are timing your drive pretty well there is just not much behind it. Then your front leg has a lot of give as your settling into front foot strike, you want your front leg to be solid as early as possible. The front leg is the lever your body uses to get that energy from your legs up to your arm so by having a soft front leg you are not converting that energy efficiently. I would recommend working on explosive leg strength. If you lift front squats or single leg squats are great for working on loading the back leg while dead lifts can really help out the front leg. You can also include some jump training to work on a more explosive drive.


So its not really bad mechanics but moreso lack of strength? I am 20 lbs underweight and knew I needed to hit the weightroom, but is this all that seems wrong?


Really the biggest issue is just the lack of a strong drive. I am using figures from slow mo video at about 9 seconds you are in a good spot although not much load on leg (could be angle having a side view from other side would be helpful.) at about 10 when you start your drive there is not much push off you are more just kind of collapsing and rolling over that back leg. It is fine to rotational with back leg but yours is just not very explosive which is what we want to really create seperation and increase velocity. I think your mechanics are in a good spot so that as you get more athletic and strong you should see a nice increase in velocity. The one note I would say to work on is try to keep your weight back on that back leg a little more. This is a drill you can try so you get more of a feeling of sitting then driving.

If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me a pm. I would be more then happy to give you some tips on lifting and what not.


Love what Trebeck said regarding leg training.
I would add to his comment about jump training that making that jump training lateral jump training would be helpful.


[quote=“fearsomefour, post:7, topic:19199, full:true”]…training lateral jump training would be helpful.

speed skater drills


Yeah, the speed skater, Heidens or whatever name is preferred.
One leg lateral jumps as well, similar obviously, but a little different. Can do resisted and without resistance. Lateral lunges as well.


Coach Paul, Can you elaborate on what you mean by being forward during layback? I’m interpreting this to mean he’s not “staying back” with his upper body. What is the best way to correct? My son has same issue so I’m curious; grateful for any advice on this. I also agree the posters lower body looks efficient.


I would venture a guess that CP is saying that he is not getting much external rotation during his delivery. A little more aggressive drive to the plate might take care of that, but it might just be because he’s not really throwing the ball so subconsciously he’s holding back.