Lower Bicep Tendonitis

I am a 15 year old freshman baseball pitcher on my team and I have been experiencing pain in my lower bicep. After I pitch my arm becomes very sore. It gets sore right below my bicep on the lower part. I ice it all the time, 20 minutes on 20 minutes off. I do stretches and everything. Nothing works. It gets so sore when i lift my arm up it shakes a lot and it hurts to lift up anything. And also it hurts so bad I cant concentrate on ANYTHING but my arm. Anybody that I talk to doesn’t have this problem, they always get sore in their shoulder or their elbow. The ONLY place I get sore is on my bicep. This happens when i throw 5 innings at 60% speed too. I normally throw a 80 mph fastball and even if i throw 70 mph it will still hurt. I don’t know what it is but it would be nice to get some advice. Thanks.

Get thee to an orthopedic specialist ASAP, get X-rays and if necessary an MRI—you’ve got to find out exactly what’s going on!!!

Zita’s advice is right on the mark.

Get it checked out.