Lower bicep pain

i havent been throwing much lately… as in the last month or 2, and just recently ive gotten the opportunity to throw a bit more… about 30mins to an hour a day

i havent been working out much… maybe once a week…

my mechanics r ALL over the place… my arm slot goes from high 3/4 to sidearm, my followthru is horrible… my arm slams up against my chest… i dont burry my soldier

it just doesnt feel right at all… ive lost about 10-15mph… lost all break on my pitches but did gain a better palmball

so anyways… the only thing that hurts after i throw and during i throw a few pitches is my lower bicep… no shoulder pain, elbow pain, nuhting just bicep

i havent really been warming up at all… just kinda get out… throw a few light ones then go into a light throwing program mainly working on control

could this be due to bad follow thru, lack of throwing, lack of muscle, bad mechanics… ?

could it be serious?

Its defintely due to lack of mechanics. Alot of our freshman team last year had it. I even had it for a bit. Just stretch real good, warm up really good before you throw hard. Its bicep tendonitis, especially if after you throw hard you get a throbbing pain for a bit.