Lower back pains

I have lately had lower back pains whenever I pitch or hit. I have never had them before and it has caused me to throw slower cuz I have had to tweak my mechanics because of it. Any ideas?

How old are you? Do you have a video of yourself throwing?

I’m almost 16. They started during spring practice for football this year because we was allweed to mis 2 baseball practices and we played a scrimmage game at the end of it. Thats when it started. They have gotten better but it still hurts pretty bad whenever I pitch a few innings in a game.

Have you been to see a doctor?

No I haven’t. I figured they would just go away and I have been playing through them.

Before or after a game or practice I will lay on a heating pad for a while to lossen it up. It helps for a while but later in the game or practice it will start to hurt.

It is probably too late for you to see this but you need to see a sports doctor or orthopedist right away. There’s a good chance that you have Spondylolysis. That means you probably have a stress fracture in your back. Football and pitching both lead to Spondylolysis. About 1 out of every 2 teenagers that go to the doctor with lower back pain turn out to have Spondylolysis.

The treatment isn’t that bad. Generally it is just rest and in some cases they’ll have you wear a brace to protect your back.