Lower Back Pain

Anyone have suggestions for the following:
My son, 14yo RHP, just past the peak of his growth spurt, has been experiencing lower back pain when he plays long toss at near maximum distance or throws near maximum velocity. It was nearly better a couple weeks ago but has returned since then. He gets a twinge on the lower left side of his back. He took a couple days completely off and then tried throwing medium speed on Sunday and the twinges showed up. He later told me his back had been a bit stiff when he woke up in the morning. I’m not going to have him workout at all this week but he has to lift and practice with the HS team. I told him to take it easy when lifting and throwing but I’d be surprised if does. Most of the time he doesn’t feel anything at all so the only way to check and see if it has healed is to go out and throw.

i personally wouldn’t recommend dead lifts for a 14 year old tho others may disagree

you can have him do hyperextensions to strengthen the lower back tho

It turns out that lower back pain is something that has to be taken very seriously with adolescents. Kids who are in their growth spurt or just finishing their growth spurt are very vulnerable to a condition called spondylolysis which is a stress fracture in the lower spine. Pitchers are especially vulnerable, and players who are increasing their activity level such as freshman doing winter workouts for baseball are vulnerable. For those of you with football players, football lineman are even more vulnerable.

It turns out that my son has this and he could be out from 4 to 6 months.

Repeated hyperextension is the primary cause of Spondylolysis.

i workout my back once a week, and i’ve warmed up my back with 2x15 of weightless hyperextensions since i was 15 (now 21) just about every single time and i’ve never had a problem in the least with my back

if you do any exercise to often it can lead to problems…