Lower back pain please help

on monday i was working out at school. there was no problems then. On the bus home i quickly jerked my back when the bus quickly hit the brakes. I felt like a shock going through my lower back. Then that evening my back started hurting alot more. I could barly sleep on my back on monday and yesterday.

I put a heating pad on,put extra strength bengay on and even took pain killers. It still hurts.

Its like on the left side of my lower back. like from the middle of the back and completely on the left side and feel alittle on my obliques.

When i try stretching it hurts alot. When i tried 2 pitch off a flat surface i couldnt pitch with pain. I just hopes it goes away by monday b/c thats when wrestling starts for me.
does anyone have any idea what it is? thank you

Sounds like you had something I had a few months ago. Check out this thread I posted awhile back…


If it is the same thing I’m afraid it might take multiple weeks to recover.

One thing I can tell you to do that helped me a lot to get through it is to stretch your hamstrings. I know it sounds weird but it helped me. Get close to a wall and lay on your back… put your legs/feet up against the wall and just lay against it with your feet above you for a few minutes.

Don’t try to do any hard exercise/movements that involve it because you’re just going to reinjure it over and over.

thanks for the tip but i couldnt find your other post. sry

If it lasts more than a couple weeks go see a doctor. It could be Spondylolysis which is a stress fracture in the back.

ugh, backs are such complicated bitches.