Lower back pain 9yr old


Son has lower back pain by tail bone. 9 yr old. Hasn’t pitch a whole lot but did go 4 innings last game of season fall. 1 5 pitch inning. Probably threw as hard as he could.


Sorry to hear that. Possibly his mattress? A foam mattress can really help. Definitely get it checked out by a doctor though.


I hear ya. We ordered the sleep number by Sealy. I was hoping it would be something like that also. Just go away in few days. Spasm Orr strain. 12 days now. He’s going to see his regular physician in a few days. I see more kids with arm pain his age so this caught me off guard. I’ll let ya know. Thanks


Finally got it checked out. First regular doctor and X-ray saw nothing. But they referred us to a child orthopedic specialist probably to clear them. Saw him today and X-ray and test all negative. 3 weeks of aching for 9 yr old didn’t seem normal. Plus rubbing felt nice bumb almost boney feeling. It would also throb when pressed. Nurse practitioner felt same way about it.probably why we had to see specialist. If it would have been crack it would have been 3 months off activity and that heals it 95% of the time. The other 5% surgery. This was just a bad little strain. Had it went away in a week probably wouldn’t have had it checked. 9 is young for spine cracks. Lesson I learned is more lower back and hamstring stretching before games or pitching. Kids don’t really stretch much or any at all. His hamstring are really tight. I never really stretched much in youth sports. Not till about Highschool. They always arms up the kids arms pitching or not. So stretch the back and hammy before they hit the mound. Thanks Steven for encouraging me to get it checked out. Even though both of us didn’t believe it was much. I feel much better moving forward. Thanks.