Lower back injury

so a few weeks ago I started to feel a little discomfort after taking around 50 or so swings. I told myself it was no big deal and shook it off. It started getting worse, and I could only take about 20 or so swings before it was too painful to continue, and then last week on Thursday, i felt it worse than ever before during my first couple at bats, despite going 4-4 on the day. During the rotation part of my swing, i was feeling some pain on the lower right side of my back (im left handed). At that time, it only hurt when i swung (especially at high pitches), and I could pitch fine. The next day, Friday, I shook it off and played again, this time going 3-4, but my back hurting worse and worse each at bat. I don’t know what i was thinking, but i shrugged it off and played through it. The pain would subside within a minute or two afer the swing, so i thought it was no big deal. After the game, there was no immediate onset of pain. I thought i could just rest it that weekend and I’d be fine. I ran for 30 minutes, and I even did a small workout when I got back home, including one set of 165 leg lifts, which I didn’t think was a problem at the time.

The next day, I woke up, and it was painful to bend over. It was painful to rotate my torso (in the lower right side of my back), and it was painful to do anything that involved that part of my back such as leg swings. I threw very lightly, but tried to rest as much as I could. I took advil, used the heating pad some, and tried to stretch a little. When it didn’t get better, i saw the trainer on monday, and he said it probably wasn’t anything serious, but he gave me electro-stimulation therapy with heat, and for an hour or so, it felt better. I told my coach i needed to take the week off to make this go away, but he stuck me in the outfield on monday and had somebody DH for me. I didn’t get too many hit out to me, so that wasn’t a huge problem.

Tuesday I was told i needed to throw a bullpen. My velocity was not there, and my back hurt to pitch, even though I believe it was my swing that initially caused the injury. Still, despite having clinched a playoff spot, coach told me I would be starting the game the next day, even though i tried to tell him I really didn’t think I should play unless the team absolutely needed me and he thought it was worth risking my health. I told him i needed to rest for the playoffs. So he started me anyway the next day, and I thought for a time my back was beginning to feel ok. It felt good when i got to the field at least, having jus received electro-stim an hour before. Looking back, I’m not sure if it was actually getting better, or just less painful at that moment from the heat and therapy. At any rate, I wasn’t given enough time to figure it out, and I pitched. after the first inning, I could feel the discomfort coming back, in the same place. It worried me that pitching was causing pain, because it hadn’t before. I had not swung a bat since the last friday, yet the pain was now effecting me even when i pitched. It happened during the rotational phase of the motion, and after the follow through, when i needed to stand up. I went 5 shutout innings and told my coach to pull me, which he did. It was feeling worse than ever before, after feeling good just a couple hours before.

thursday and friday I rested and saw the trainer some more, and no improvement in my condition. Here I am, still having trouble bending down, I can’t swing a bat, it’s painful to pitch, and playoffs are coming up next week. It may have been responding to treatment before i had to pitch on wednesday, but I’ll never know because after pitching it felt like crap again.

My trainer says its probably muscular but theres an outside chance of there being a small crack in the spine or something down there, and I’m getting it checked out by a specialist on monday.

Meanwhile, my coach wants to pitch me on tuesday and friday, and thinks I should be able to play through it. I have a summer season coming up so I don’t want to risk anything, as hard as that is when my team has no shot at making it through th playoffs without me pitching every game.

I’m not 100% sure of the cause, but I think it was a flaw in my swing which i did not fix, and which gradually led to the injury. the 165 leg lifts that friday certainly couldnt have helped, as that uses your lower back muscles a ton, and pitching, though probably not the cause, is now difficult to do.

I need to know if anybody has had or heard of an injury like this before, and what they did/how long it took to heal, and whether they think I should pitch next week if I find out its just a muscular thing and not spine-related. If anybody has any advice or idea of how I could treat this, please let me know. I’ve been working all year for this and I can’t let it fall apart. Please, I need help.

I don’t have experience with an injury such as yours so I can’t really help you out except to say you definitely need to be checked out by a doctor.

But what I really wanted to say was that your health is far more important than anything that happens out on a baseball field. If your coach doesn’t understand that then you’ve got to stick up for yourself.

That almost sounds like the pain I get once in awhile. Mine is always my Thoracic spine specificly T12 and T11. Those are apart of the spine. Well once in awhile I throw them out and get pain in my lower to mid back and it hurts to stand up and rotate especially if I have to lean over or get out of a chair. It doesnt hurt when I sit down but after a while it hurts sitting. It almost always goes out when I do something rotational to an extreme or high velocity.

I dont know if thats your problem or not but I get pain that almost sounds the same to what you have. I always just go to the Chiropractor. That is what I do. ITS NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO. Go see the specialist.

I almost forgot it hurts when I take in deep breaths as well.

Okay, the trainer sounds like Bozo the clown. Maybe a small crack? What is the basis of diagnosis there? I don’t think he has a clue. See an actual specialist. BTW, a chiropractor is a specialist and will know more then the typical MD when it comes to muscle and joint pain.