Low weight, high reps

I’ve heard this saying a lot…My question for you guys is: 1. Do you agree? 2. If so, what is high reps? 8? 12? 15? 20?

  1. Disagree
  2. Anything over 12 would be considered high rep.

So how many reps should be done each workouts? and while we’re on the topic how many sets

It depends on what you are looking for. Lower reps per set with a higher weight (3-6 reps) will increase maximal strength. Higher reps with lower weight (9-12 reps) will increase strength endurance. The amount of sets again will hinge on the number of reps per set (ie. 5x5, 3x8, etc.). The easiest way to start is to aim for 24 reps total, then make adjustments as you go along. Switch up the reps and sets every so often.

my physical therapist had me doing 1 set of 30 reps for all my rotator cuff exercises when i was rehabbing for a shoulder impingement/fatigued shoulder/rc

Most the exercises were a bitch but i could get through it. The only exercise I couldn’t go all the way through was external rotations, that hit the spot hard. I still can’t go 30 reps with even 5lbs doing that exercise. Whatever it is that’s wrong with my rotator cuff, that exercise nails the spot perfectly.

I agree. I said that a higher weight with lower reps would be better for building muscle. Given our head coaches experience in football, he has said that lower weights with higher reps are very good for toning muscle. Even without that information I would agree. On this site, the lateral workouts that are given are to be done with 5 lb. weights. However, all I have at my disposal are 3 lb. weights. Don’t think me weak because after 20 reps for four different lateral exercises with no break tires the shoulder after a while.

the tiny muscles in your rc area that are targetted in your internal/external rotation type movements aren’t meant to move 100lbs anyway…shouldn’t go much higher then 5lbs anyway. It doesn’t make u weak.

  1. agree
  2. I do 12 reps of Full suplitation concentration curls, and 16 in and out bicep curls, I also do 10lbs kickbacks with usually about 10reps each… So, yeah I prefer more reps with a lighter weight, than 2 reps with almost your max, I think it is way better for your joints anyway

How many reps?

What is a typical pitch count?

How about 85-100 reps at light weights.