Low velocity vs Fast velocity

Wanted to talk about velocity. But before just so everyone knows i do throw hard. I throw 80mph average and my baseball season hasn’t even started yet(starts in 2-3weeks). Anyways i want to hit about 85mph this year.

Anyways one thing that just makes me so angry is when coaches say this to kids who are pitching(not me because i throw hard).
“Hey don’t worry about your speed just worry about control.”

That just pisses me off so much. Just for the simple reason of this. If you were a scout who would you want to scount.

Pitcher A- 18 years old throws 88mph
Pitcher B- 18 years old throws 70mph.

Lets say pitchers A command isn’t that good. But still what sounds better scouting wise. A kid who throws 88mph or 70mph. Even if you have perfect control if you throw slow you are going to get cranked.
I know control is important(you don’t want to be walking alot of people).

But still i hate when coaches say don’t worry about velocity just control.
Then you get people lobbing the ball in, but the coach says “you are good because you hit the corners.”

Just something i wanted to get off of my chest. Post your replys as well.

Are you Fireball999?

no i am his brother. We both play baseball on the same team. I am a year older though.

Don’t let it bother you what your coach tells other people, worry about yourself. Obviously those kids aren’t concerned with getting scouted, just with being successful at the level they are playing at.

Dude I’ve been successful with a 70 mph fastball. All you have to do is mix speeds and location to get outs. Whether you are looking to get scouted or not is a different story.

just look at jamie moyer lol

And Jamie Moyer isn’t the only one. I can name a few pitchers before him who were, at bottom, finesse pitchers with not much speed but a lot of good stuff and the control and command to go with it. Harry Brecheen of the St. Louis Cardinals. Murry Dickson who played for a few major league clubs. Ed Lopat, who threw everything but a fast ball—and one of his specialties was beating the Cleveland Indians, and several other teams, to a pulp. There are more, but these are the ones who come to mind, and let me tell you, they were very successful at it.
So don’t worry about it, and take what those coaches say with, not a grain of salt, but a teaspoonful (inflation, you know).
I myself was a snake-jazzer. I knew I would never be a rip-roaring fireballer, so I went the other way and became a finesse pitcher with a very good arsenal of stuff which I built around a slider (which I nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” after a character in a W.C. Fields movie because that was exactly what that pitch was) and a very good knuckle-curve. Eventually I ended up with an 81-MPH four-seamer which my pitching coach told me was, for a finesse pitcher like myself, a fast ball! The important thing was that besides all that stuff I had the control and command, and being a sidearmer I had a crossfire as well which really discombooberated the hitters. :baseballpitcher: