Low right shoulder

When I stand up strait and let my arms hang down my right shoulder hangs naturally at about 2-3 inches lower than my left shoulder. I am right handed and have been told that this is due to me being a pitcher for many years. My teammate had the same problem and when he got his shoulders evened up though therapy he gained several MPH on his fastball. Could I be missing out on MPH because of how my shoulder is? Does anyone know if it might be causing a bilateral deficiency that is holding back my potential? Thanks.

It’s quite possible. Also, what may be holding you back is that because your right shoulder is lower than your left you might be throwing uphill, and that would cause your pitches to be high. I would suggest that you see a doctor who is familiar with your situation; he might suggest some physical therapy or exercises that might correct your problem, at least to some extent. In addition, you might want to take a look at your arm angle; ordinarily I don’t advocate changing that but in your case perhaps raising it to more of a 3/4 slot might help. 8)

It’s common for a thrower’s throwing shoulder to hang lower than his non-throwing shoulder. But I can’t say I’ve heard that doing something to correct that (not that there really is anything that needs to be corrected) could result in more velocity. If I had to guess, I’d say that any vlocity increase was due to a general improement in strength and conditioning and not the repositioning of the shoulder (if that’s even possible).