Love this game .... absolutely love it!

I absolutely love this game … absolutely love it!

I was at a high school game the other night and one of the coaches was trying to instill a sense of leadership in his catcher. The boy was very young, must have been sent in to get some experience.

Well, the very first hit goes deep into right field and with the batter runner turning first and trying to head to second, so … he (catcher) yells out …” two! … two!.. two!”

Now doesn’t his short stop start yelling …” one! one! one!

Then the second baseman gets into the act, and got a little confused (I think), so he’s waving his arms around yelling to the right fielder to … “ get the ball in, “… which then finds the ball being rifled in, all the way to home plate … which … finds the catcher at home plate totally surprised and he barely makes the catch.

Well now this numbers game doesn’t go unnoticed by the other club… no sir. Soooooo … on the very next play, which is a smoker right past the shortstop and into shallow left field, doesn’t the other bench start yelling … two … two … tow, … five… five … five… twenty two … twenty two… twenty two…!!!

It got so funny after the third hit that both the plate ump and his partner started laughing… and even some fans got into the act by calling numbers in the hundreds.

After the catcher’s very first inning of varsity work, he drags himself back his bench, plops down, spins his helmet on the bench and starts to rub his forehead like he’s having a nervous breakdown.

Now I’m sitting in a lawn chair about ten feet from a fence that separates the spectators from the players. I hear his coach come over to him and start to give the ole one-two pep talk and how things will look better the next inning. The youngster doesn’t let the coach finish when he stands up and looks back and forth. Thinking that the youngster is totally demoralized, he places both hands on either shoulder of his catcher, again trying to reassure him, then says… “what’s the matter son … do you want me to send in somebody else?”

“Nahawww “ the youngster says, “ I gotta pee”.

I swear, I love this game … absolutely love it!!

Coach B.

Me too…
I was at the first clinic that Rick Wilkins put on in our community after he retired, Rick and I were in the batting cage, we had it set up to where we could get 5 kids hitting off t’s and we were going from kid to kid doing adjustments and letting the kids (8-15 yr olds) get to meet a big leaguer who had caught Randy Johnson and Maddux and was the last National League catcher at the time to hit 300 and have 30 hr’s…well we walk up to this little one, all awkward and skinny, spindley…no front teeth, maybe 8 yrs old…well he’s struggling to come up with a semblence of a swing and Rick walks up and starts trying to help…the kid looks at him and says…“Are you a coach”?..I immediately break into…"no he’s a major league baseball player…blah blah blah…the kid looks at me and says…“well I want to learn from a coach”…
Rick and I just look at each other and start cracking up…Ricks like “Kids are great…they really bring you back to earth and let you know just how important you are”.

You guys are not the only ones who love this game. So do I. I’ve been crazy in love with the game since I was a kid…watching it, playing it, being able to advise and help whenever I can, and always feeling renewed by the game. There’s nothing like it. :smiley: :baseballpitcher: