Louisburgrebels Off-season Log

We had our last game its time to make a log and i racked up 5 strikeouts in my start gave up 5 runs we lost 10-7. i closed out the second game wit 1 strike out ground out and pop out to 2nd. i went 3-3 both games wit one walk. time to start the off season i am picking up a couple new pitches too go along with my 2 seam fastball, knuckle curve. I am picking up the Slurve, Sinker, and the palm ball. Each time i throw i will log my progression with the pitches.

                                      [b] DAY 1[/b]

Slurve–1st day trying out the slurve it went well i think i can throw it to get the batter to swing but it is definitely a pitch to only throw to right handers right now cuz it breaks to far outside and up. Right now i am really working on getting control of the pitch then i will work on the command.

Sinker–Day 1 with the sinker went great i can throw it for strikes and it goes down like it is supposed to do. one thing that sparks my attention to it is that it is way to slow and i will work on the speed next time i pitch.

Palm Ball–Day 1 with the palm ball went really well i can throw it for strikes and it has a ton of movement one thing im worried about with the pitch is that it is a gimmy pitch that they can kill i need to work on command with this pitch more than anything.[/b]