Lots of slow motion pitching videos, new website!


this has a lot of the same videos as pitchingclips.com, but some new ones as well. There is a fabulous back view of Roger Clemens here, as well as others.

Check it out.

Thanks for the link. Does he have an actual website, or is he just creating a giant pool of clips that he’s found on the net and that he has created himself?

He posts on Baseball Fever sometimes.

xv84, you seem to be pretty handy with the video clips, is there a way to save a clip off of QuickTime without having QuickTime Pro?

If the file extension is *.mov , yes you can save it.

LOL just goes to show how untechy I am, I have no clue if they are *.mov files or not.

How do you tell?

Do you have the url address where the video is at? I can take a look at it and let you know.

I’ve found them at pitchingclips.com and at the site that is mentioned in this thread.

Roger Clemens
They are the last 3 clips on that site

Roger Clemens

They are

    Clemens -3b view 2005, Clemens-2b view 2005, Clemens-rf view 2005

Here are the URL’s. Just paste them into your browser or right click save as.




xv84 You are AWESOME!!!



on this website it has good videos of pitchers. it says about the dos and donts of pitching. whats right and whats wrong with these pitchers?[/quote]

all pro mlb clips are down…

on the anaylsis of pitching dos and donts. whats right and whats wrong with these clips