Lots of Games

My 13-14 baseball team has had very bad luck in our games…many were canceled or suspended to rain or even overbooking the fields…

the point is we arent very deep at the pitching position and i think im going to have to throw quite a bit in the next 5 days (5 games in 5 days)
League rules say i cant pitch more than 10 innings in the week which means i will definately reach that limit…

i want to what i should do in between games (if anything) to help prevent injury on the pitching arm because i dont want to be hurt or anything.

The second question is probably one of the stupidest things you all will ever hear but i want a few drills to help me master my control of the plate so i can throw whatever where ever

the last thing is about how much of a risk throwing this much within this much time. I mean i know major leaguers can throw more than this in 5 days but arent they trained to do that (and paid bundles of money…if i was paid a quarter of the money these guys were i think i would do whatever they said to do :lol: )

same thing happened this week with me, 4 games in 5 days. my tip would just be to throw strikes. wednesday i threw 5 innings against a really good team, so i had to pound the corners hoping for the swinging K. i threw 90 some in that game. then the next day my coach just wanted to get out of there, we were leading 15-2 after scoring 11 in the one inning. i come in with the bases loaded. strike out the side with 11 pitches.

makes sense and i pitched 2 innings and threw 36 pitches in the first game…second one was canceled and we dont have to make it up :slight_smile:

i got drilled in the back of my right leg and im right handed so i had some trouble getting my control back after that inning.
Its still a little tight but nothing bad

wow, i havent been hit by a pitch in 4 years, at least that i can remember anyway. sucks you had to get hit in the muscles on your right leg. i almost took one in the chest the other day after it tailed in on me but thats the last close call i can remember.

to answer question one try to using breaking pitches and onl use fastball at desperate times.i mainly only use breaking pitches anyway so this helps me. for some drills try to see how far your pitches break so u know were to aim the ball to get it were u want it to go.

i made it thru ok…but only breaking balls??? that seems like it would tire me out faster. Im a control fastball pitcher whose best pitch is a fastball. My breaking ball sux im working on it though. I go as my fastball goes and it took me to the all-star game in my league (not very hard considering my team but i feel i had a good year.)

i always heard rumors that breaking pitches are worse for your arm but i dont let silly rumorse effect me i think breaking and offspeed pitches are extremely lighter on the arm.

Okay, first things first. You say you need to work on your control. I remember when I was a little snip, 12, 13 years old, and I would get a good catcher and we’d set up 60’6’’ apart, mark off a home plate and a pitcher’s rubber, and play a little game we called “ball and strike”. The catcher would position his mitt high, low, inside, outside, wherever, and my job was to get the ball smack-dab into the pocket of the mitt. This is more than just a drill—it’s a good workout, and what a satisfying feeling it is to hear the THWACK of the ball as it hits the pocket! I had a couple of pitches which I used at the beginning—a good curve and a palm ball, and later on a knuckle-curve; even after I got some more stuff in my repertoire I continued this drill.
There’s a lot of controversy concerning the age at which one should start throwing breaking pitches. I agree that for the most part one should wait till about 14 or 15 years old to start throwing a curve—but I was a natural sidearmer, and I had a decent curve ball that came attached to that delivery, and if you’re 12 years old and can throw that thing without screwing up your arm, go to it! I had no choice—I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of, so I had to go to the breaking stuff early and become a “snake-jazz” pitcher. And if you’re looking for a pitch you can use as a changeup, let me suggest that you try the palm ball, which is thrown with the same motion (and the same arm speed) as the fast ball.
What you do is grip the ball way back in the palm of your hand, with the thumb on the bottom and the other fingers on top of the ball—the placement of the seams doesn’t matter all that much. The thing to remember is DON’T TRY TO SQUEEZE THE JUICE OUT OF THE BALL!—otherwise when you throw it the ball will just squirt out of your hand and drop to the ground with a plop. You can leave a little space between the ball and the palm of your hand, and grip the ball firmly. And you can loosen up on the grip as well, which will slow down the pitch. I used to use that pitch as a changeup, and a nice one it was. 8) :slight_smile: